1. Moving Day: Things Your Movers Want You to Know

    If you’ve already hired our movers and packers who have been serving Linden nearly 20 years, you may be wondering, now what? While you may want to just let our team in and leave on moving day, we certainly appreciate when clients are ready for us, keep us informed, and stick around in case we have questions. These are just a few of the things our movers (and movers across the nation) want you t…Read More

  2. More Tips for Moving with Pets

    Last month we discussed three essential tips to make your move less stressful and more effective for both you and your pet. It’s important to remember that while moving may be a lot for you to handle, it is much more stressful for your animals, who don’t understand what’s going on or why everything is changing. By preparing your pet’s things, records, and your pet before the packing even b…Read More

  3. How To Move With Your Pets

    Pets respond to change differently than humans, especially when their routine is interrupted or they have to move to a new environment. Because of this, it is important to make your move a seamless transition for your pet. Our local movers in Linden are very conscious of pets and their needs, but there are important tips for you to remember when the time comes for moving day. Preparing Your Pet…Read More

  4. What To Do After Move-In

    You’ve officially moved! Now what? Whether your first impulse is to start unpacking or to lie down and sleep, it’s important for you to slow down and take a minute to follow up on your move and do these nitty-gritty (but simple) tasks before settling into your new home. Luckily, our movers are some of the best amongst long distance moving companies in New Jersey, so chances are you feel excit…Read More

  5. The Start Moving Difference

    Providing Certainty in an Uncertain World We founded Start Moving after more than 18 years in the industry, watching as clients suffered from dishonest, unfriendly movers and unfair prices. We knew that to be different, we had to start a moving company in Linden that gave our clients a reason to smile. From the moment we opened Start Moving, we have been dedicated to providing honest quotes, open …Read More