If you’re planning a move, it’s one thing to put a guitar in its case and be on your way. But moving your piano? That’s different. Moving a piano requires precision and delicacy. One slip, one wrong move, and its days of creating gorgeous melodies are over. Instead of undertaking a job like that yourself, or running the risk of unskilled laborers damaging a valuable musical artifact, call the professional piano movers at Start Moving.

With nearly two decades of experience, we’ve got the equipment and ability to move your piano safely and efficiently. We offer delivery service to and from all points within New Jersey, as well as across the United States. It’s simplicity itself for us to provide you with a no cost and no obligation estimate, and then plan your move step by step. Whether you need a grand piano, upright, harpsichord, console, spinet, or organ moved, give us a call.

Additionally, if you have other large items, such as large artwork or hot tubs, we’re happy to deliver those from point A to point B. Our movers undertake rigorous training classes in moving, packing and large item assembly. As a result, we’ve got the know-how to take it all apart, put it all together, and do it without a scratch.

So if you’ve got questions, or you’re ready to take the first step, give us a call. We’ll have you making beautiful music again in no time.

Contact us today for your free quote, and let our movers and packers do the rest. With Start Moving, you know you are getting New Jersey’s best moving company.